My professional path as a software engineer has been an exciting journey, full of challenges and significant achievements. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working on various projects that have expanded my horizons and strengthened my skills.

I'm a Professional, and i'm a highly skilled and experienced programmer with a strong background in systems and programming. I have a Professional degree in Civil Engineering and have completed additional courses in programming and digital technologies. With a strong proficiency in Delphi RAD Studio and SQL, as well as other languages and tools. I have a proven track record of successfully completing independent projects and collaborating effectively within a team. I have also contributed to projects for other companies, demonstrating my adaptability and ability to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

With a Professional Degree in Civil Engineering, additional training in programming and digital technologies (in educational, government and/or private institutions, as well as in autonomous learning) and experience developing products for Windows and Multi-Device, with professional has a solid base in skills both technical as well as creative. I have experience in various programming languages, tools, and platforms, including Angular JS, Atlassian, and Maven. I also have experience with data management and recovery, as well as software protection and licensing. I have a strong understanding of networking and server management, as well as experience with virtualization and cloud computing.

As contributions to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are evident in my successful projects and my continued commitment to being at the forefront of technological advances.

For me, software development goes beyond writing lines of code; It's about creating solutions that improve people's lives and move businesses forward. “I am excited to continue growing and learning in this dynamic field full of possibilities.”

I believe I could make great contribution to YOUR COMPANY if you give me the opportunity.


Daniel F. González P.

Passionate Software Developer Building Innovative Solutions

With a professional background in civil engineering and a strong expertise in Delphi RAD Studio and SQL, I have successfully completed numerous projects as a software developer. My journey has been filled with challenges and achievements, shaping me into a skilled and experienced programmer.



Highly Skilled Professional

Innovative Solutions

Daniel's software development skills are truly exceptional. His expertise and professionalism have been instrumental in the success of our projects. Highly recommend!

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man using black laptop computer
man using black laptop computer